GAINESVILLE, Fla. — In dedication to The Collier Companies’ commitment to the Gainesville community, two local community managers decided to clean up the roads when no one else would. On August 22, Meghan Baker and Michelle Lopez of The Collier Companies noticed a need to clean up the abandoned shopping carts along Old Archer Road.

“There was an over flow of shopping carts on Old Archer and I couldn’t stand seeing them anymore…it made our neighborhood less appealing/run down,” said Baker, manager of Hidden Village Apartments. She then contacted Oxford Manor, another Collier Companies property on Old Archer Road, and asked for the keys to the moving truck they used to move furniture to upgraded apartments during the summer.

Baker added, “After several phone calls to the owner of the carts, and even the city of Gainesville, I finally gave up because no one wanted to help. So I went to The Enclave and Michelle Lopez loaded up with my leasing specialist and I, and we pulled all these carts off of the side of the road, even out of a trashy ditch.”

The team of three removed over twenty shopping carts from the side of the road. Once separated, the carts were returned to their appropriate owners. Baker says she plans to return August 24 to finish picking up the trash.

Baker and Lopez joined The Collier Companies in 2009 and 2008 respectfully. The Collier Companies is a property management company based in Gainesville, Florida. The company owns and manages over 10,532 apartment units in the states of Florida, Georgia, and Oklahoma. For more information about The Collier Companies, please visit


Community Managers Michelle Lopez and Meghan Baker cleaning up abandoned shopping carts off Old Archer Road.

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