Nathan S. Collier introduces the Collier Challenge at The Hippodrome


The Collier Companies Founder & Chairman, Nathan S. Collier, has introduced the Collier Challenge to the city of Gainesville, Florida, and fans of The Hippodrome Theater, (“The Hipp”).  The iconic local jewel is a staple in the arts community and shares a special place in the heart of the Developer, Nathan S. Collier.

The Collier Challenge: Hippodrome 2029 officially began on April 29th, to the joy of theater-goers and local community citizens alike.  The challenge is a 10-year commitment by Collier to match donations dollar for dollar that will go directly the  Hippodrome Theater.

With a 93% cut to nonprofit organizations in the 2018 state budget, The Hippodrome Theater received almost $140,000 less in funding than they primarily receive for their annual operation costs.  The importance of cultural outlets and community growth in Gainesville is important to Collier, who also recently introduced the annual $25,000 Collier Prize for State Government Accountability with the University of Florida School of Journalism, which was introduced at the 2019 White House Correspondents Dinner.

“Beyond the fact I’m married to a professional ballerina and now an artistic professional photographer with not one but two galleries, here and in Europe, I’ve always felt that the Hipp was a unique artistic treasure, both for Gainesville and for downtown. I located The Collier Companies Headquarters in downtown because I very much enjoy living/working in a vibrant, mixed-use pedestrian environment that allows me to mingle casually with my fellow citizens,” said Collier. “The Hipp’s live theatre brings people downtown, gives downtown a special aura, adds tremendously to the ambiance.”

The Hippodrome Theater not only presents performances for public enjoyment, but provides employment for local performers, education for children, and so much more.  To join the Collier Challenge, please visit


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Nathan S. Collier is founder and chairman of The Collier Companies, the largest individual owner of student housing with more than 45 properties and approximately 11,000 apartments in Florida, Oklahoma, and Georgia. Collier, who earned a bachelor’s, master’s and J.D. from the University of Florida, has endowed the Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate program at UF’s Warrington College of Business. He is a generous supporter of the arts in Gainesville and of New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim Museum, and Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Nathan S. Collier & University of Florida Announce $25,000 Collier Prize for State Government Accountability



University of Florida Announces $25,000 Collier Prize for State Government
Gainesville, Fla., April 25, 2019

The University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications (UFCJC) announced the creation of The Collier Prize for State Government Accountability, a prize that will be awarded annually at the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) dinner starting in 2020.

The $25,000 prize, one of the largest journalism prizes in the nation, is designed to encourage coverage of state government, focusing on investigative and political reporting. The award is funded by Nathan S. Collier, founder and chairman of The Collier Companies headquartered in Gainesville, Florida. Collier is a descendant of Peter Fenelon Collier, who in 1888 founded Collier’s, a weekly magazine focused on investigative journalism and publishing stories from renowned journalists such as Jack London, Upton Sinclair, Ida Tarbell and Samuel Hopkins Adams. One of the magazine’s most famous investigative series was the “The Great American Fraud,” which analyzed the contents of popular patent medicines and led to the first Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906.

“Collier’s Weekly had a long history of investigative journalism, shining light in the dark recesses of government,” said Collier, great-grandnephew of the magazine’s founder. “I am honoring Peter Fenelon Collier’s vision and dedication by supporting a vibrant free press, particularly at the state government level.”

In announcing this award, UFCJC Dean Diane McFarlin cited a diminished investment in
statehouse coverage over the last decade. “The professional news media’s watchdog role in state capitols has declined precipitously over the last decade in the number of journalists employed to cover state governments,” said McFarlin, former publisher of the Sarasota (Fla.) Herald-Tribune. “The result is that citizens don’t know what they don’t know, and the danger is that corruption and malfeasance can proceed unchecked. We hope this prize will encourage more rigorous coverage of a government body that has a direct impact on citizens’ lives every day.”


A 2014 assessment of state capitol press corps by the Pew Research Center found that the number of newspaper reporters covering state capitols declined by 35 percent between 2003 and 2014. Less than one-third of newspapers today assign even one reporter to the statehouse. Among local TV news stations, it is just 14 percent. In Florida alone, the number of journalists stationed in Tallahassee and assigned to cover the Legislature and government agencies has dwindled by as much as half in the last decade, by some estimates.

UFCJC will partner with WHCA to promote, administer and present the annual award.

“I’m deeply grateful to the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications for partnering with us to create the Collier Prize for Statehouse Accountability,” said Olivier Knox, chief Washington correspondent for SiriusXm radio and WHCA president. “Few trends in news worry me more than the widespread hollowing-out of local and regional coverage. The WHCA cannot, by itself or even with a generous partner, reverse this corrosive phenomenon, but we owe it to ourselves and to the public to sound this call to arms.”

Details for submitting nominations for the 2020 award will be available in fall 2019.

For more information, contact Randy Bennett at 352-273-1223 or


About Nathan S. Collier
Nathan S. Collier is founder and chairman of The Collier Companies, the largest owner of multifamily housing with more than 45 properties and approximately 11,000 apartments in Florida, Oklahoma, and Georgia. Collier, who earned a bachelor’s, master’s and J.D. from the
University Florida, has endowed the Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate program at UF’s Warrington College of Business. He is a generous supporter of the arts in Gainesville and financial patron of New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim Museum, and Metropolitan Museum of Art.

About the White House Correspondents Association
The White House Correspondents’ Association exists to promote excellence in journalism as
well as journalism education, and to ensure robust news coverage of the president and the

About the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications
The University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications, recognized by its peers as one of the premier programs in the country, is driving innovation and engagement across the disciplines of advertising, journalism, public relations, and telecommunication. The college’s strength is drawn from both academic rigor and experiential learning. It offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees and certificates, both online and on campus. CJC students have the opportunity to gain practical experience in the Innovation News Center, which generates content across multiple platforms, and The Agency, an integrated strategic communication and consumer research agency focused on marketing to young adults. The College includes seven broadcast and digital media properties, the Joseph L. Brechner Center for Freedom of Information and the nation’s only STEM Translational Communication Center and Center for Public Interest Communications.

Nathan S. Collier Shares Words of Wisdom with University of Florida Business Graduates


Graduates of the University of Florida’s Warrington School of Business were treated to words of encouragement and wisdom by the three-time Gator Graduate at the 2018 Commencement Ceremony held on Sunday afternoon.  Founder & Chairman of the largest privately-owned Student Housing portfolio in the nation with over 11,000 units, Collier, with over 4 decades of business under his belt, has built and maintained his headquarters here in Gainesville, Florida.


With a passion for sharing knowledge learned, Collier shared with the graduates his Three Highest Leverage Behaviors that he uses personally to maximize his personal impact as a business person. Collier stressed to the new graduates how vital it has always been for him to maximize his impact by sharing the importance of creating a written plan, journaling and committing to becoming a continuous learner.



“Today is a momentous milestone! And yet the best is yet to be for your entire life lies before you, yours to create,” said Nathan S. Collier, the energetic speaker who emerged from his seat and greeted UF Warrington Dean Kraft with a friendly fist bump prior to greeting the happy graduates and their guests at the momentous ceremony.


“Some goals and plans will be detailed, others will be more formless, but I assure you they will eventually come into greater focus,” he explained. “Also, as you live life, grow and change, some goals will fade, others will appear. This is both normal and good.”


Collier is a familiar name to many students in the UF Warrington program as the Master of Science in Real Estate program bears his name.  Collier also leads real estate classes with case studies from The Collier Companies portfolio to provide students with an opportunity to analyze real experiences from industry professionals.


No stranger to the University of Florida, Collier holds a bachelor’s degree in finance, an MBA and a J.D. from the esteemed institute.  While a student in the winter of 1972, Collier purchased a single duplex with only $1,000 down and in less than 6 years had increased his personal portfolio to 25 houses in the historic College Park neighborhood.


Watch the Live Video Here!

Otherwise, here’s Nathan S. Collier’s Keynote speech with an introduction from Dean Craft:

Praise from a UF Business Graduate, Class of 2010

Kristen Hadeed, UF Warrington Class of 2010 graduate and Gainesville business owner and author, posted the following letter to NSC after his keynote speech at her graduation:

“As fate would have it, the graduation speaker that year was my first major client: Nathan S. Collier.

. . . Nathan held the number one spot on my ‘people I wanted to meet’ list. Not only was Nathan a UF grad, he was also a major financial contributor to the business school and one of the largest privately held owners of student housing in the country. I couldn’t believe he was there, speaking at my graduation. Who better to learn from than a majorly successful CEO who made it in the same town I was trying to make it in?”

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The Collier Companies owns and manages 11,271 apartment units in the states of Florida, Georgia, and Oklahoma.  For more information about The Collier Companies, please visit



Collier Companies Surprises Ronald McDonald House Mothers


The Collier Companies, one of the largest privately owned providers of student housing in the nation, brought a few surprises for the mothers residing and working at the Ronald McDonald House Charities of North Central Florida this week.

With arms and hearts full, Collier Companies employees happily packaged and delivered 36 bags (one for each Mother – Resident and Staff). Each bag was filled with Spa Pampering items such as: Face masks, Body Wash, Bath Bombs and much more to relax these hard-working Moms.

The Collier Companies joined two of their Gainesville properties in the giving: Boardwalk Apartments led by DeCara Jones and Alexa Hoffman, and College Manor Apartments, led by James Scarratt and Ralph Sabio. Founder and Chairman, Nathan S. Collier of The Collier Companies has generously donated to The Ronald McDonald House in the past, and the company is focused on continuing that partnership.

A safe haven for families who have children undergoing medical treatment at local hospitals, The Ronald McDonald House serves as a true “home away from home” for so many. Families may only stay for weeks, but in less fortunate cases, families may find themselves staying for months or even years as they shuffle to care for their sick child out of city/state. After a meeting with The Ronald McDonald House’s Executive Director, Sherry Houston, recently, The Collier Companies got a firsthand look at the wonderful services and comfort offered to the families who walk through their doors.

The Collier Companies is headquartered in Gainesville, Fla.- home of the University of Florida, the state’s flagship university. The Collier Companies owns more than 45 properties and has over 10,500 apartment homes located in: Gainesville, Ocala, Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee, and other Florida locations, as well as Norman, Okla. and Athens, Ga.




The Collier Companies Joins The Fight Against Homelessness


The Collier Companies, one of the largest privately owned providers of student housing in the nation, proudly announces their partnership with Family Promise of Gainesville.

At The Collier Companies, the company mission, “Proudly Making Your Home the Heart of Our Business” refers to residents of all backgrounds, and they have shown that with their latest partnership.  Collier Companies Team and Founder/Chairman, Nathan S. Collier, proudly join the Women’s Giving circle at the Community Foundation of North Central Florida as they award Family Promise with a $50,000 Impact Grant.

Family Promise dedicates their daily services and mission to providing a sense of normalcy to families experiencing homelessness.  This grant will fund the purchase of units from The Collier Companies to house families in need. The Collier Companies will be working closely with Family Promise to approve families for housing who previously had a rough rental past, but are preparing for a brighter future. The partnering duo aims to cultivate responsible tenants who previously may have been considered nontraditional families to rent to.

The partnership will follow US Department of Housing and Urban Development guidelines of the 30% Income Standard.  This guideline allows families to have a safe and loving home to return to, as they continue to create a sense of normalcy.

The Collier Companies is proud to join this wonderful mission, as the company believes that families and children deserve a place to call home, no matter the financial struggles happening in their lives.

Nathan Collier and The Collier Companies are pleased to join this mission and partnership, and look forward to providing housing for these hard-working Gainesville families.

The Collier Companies is headquartered in Gainesville, Fla.- home of the University of Florida, the state’s flagship university. The Collier Companies owns more than 45 properties and has over 10,500 apartment homes located in: Gainesville, Ocala, Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee, and other Florida locations, as well as Norman, Okla. and Athens, Ga.


Family Promise

For more information regarding Family Promise of Gainesville, please visit

Contact: Jayne Moraski, Executive Director – Family Promise of Gainesville



Collier Managers Care for the Community


GAINESVILLE, Fla. — In dedication to The Collier Companies’ commitment to the Gainesville community, two local community managers decided to clean up the roads when no one else would. On August 22, Meghan Baker and Michelle Lopez of The Collier Companies noticed a need to clean up the abandoned shopping carts along Old Archer Road.

“There was an over flow of shopping carts on Old Archer and I couldn’t stand seeing them anymore…it made our neighborhood less appealing/run down,” said Baker, manager of Hidden Village Apartments. She then contacted Oxford Manor, another Collier Companies property on Old Archer Road, and asked for the keys to the moving truck they used to move furniture to upgraded apartments during the summer.

Baker added, “After several phone calls to the owner of the carts, and even the city of Gainesville, I finally gave up because no one wanted to help. So I went to The Enclave and Michelle Lopez loaded up with my leasing specialist and I, and we pulled all these carts off of the side of the road, even out of a trashy ditch.”

The team of three removed over twenty shopping carts from the side of the road. Once separated, the carts were returned to their appropriate owners. Baker says she plans to return August 24 to finish picking up the trash.

Baker and Lopez joined The Collier Companies in 2009 and 2008 respectfully. The Collier Companies is a property management company based in Gainesville, Florida. The company owns and manages over 10,532 apartment units in the states of Florida, Georgia, and Oklahoma. For more information about The Collier Companies, please visit


Community Managers Michelle Lopez and Meghan Baker cleaning up abandoned shopping carts off Old Archer Road.

The Collier Companies to Sponsor Chess Challenge 2017


     GAINESVILLE, Fla.— For the fourth year in a row, The Collier Companies will help sponsor the annual Chess Challenge. This year, they will contribute $2,000 as a “Grandmaster” Sponsor for the annual event. The Alachua County Scholastic Chess Association hosts the annual Chess Challenge. This year’s challenge will take place May 26 at Littlewood Elementary School in Gainesville, Florida.

     The Chess Challenge is a chess tournament played between the host school and the Alachua Country Scholastic Chess Association players. Children from the host school are taught chess during the school year to prepare for the event. On tournament day, each student is paired with a student from the Chess Association. Each student receives a tournament-style chess set and a t-shirt to commemorate the event. This will be the nineteenth Chess Challenge event. Previous host schools have included Lake Forest, Archer, and Rawlings Elementary in Gainesville, Florida.

     The Alachua County Scholastic Chess Association is a non-profit organization committed to promoting and providing chess education, clubs, and tournaments to students in Alachua County in kindergarten through high school. For more information, please visit their website.

     The Collier Companies is a property management company based in Gainesville, Florida. The company owns and manages over ten-thousand apartment units in the states of Florida, Georgia, and Oklahoma. For more information about The Collier Companies, please visit

Nathan S. Collier Welcomes Incoming UF Master of Science in Real Estate Class


As August draws closer every day, students begin to come back to the town and university they call home. The Collier Companies and its chairman and founder, Nathan Collier, welcomed the incoming class of the Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate program on July 19, 2016 with a reception. Held at The University of Florida’s Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, the reception was for Mr. Collier and The Collier Companies’ employees to meet and show support for the incoming class.

The Master of Science in Real Estate Program is part of the Hough Graduate School of Business in the Warrington College of Business at The University of Florida. The program allows students to learn from industry leaders and allows them to earn their degree in 10 months in-residence in Gainesville, Fl. Mr. Collier graduated from UF with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He endowed the Master of Science in Real Estate Program where he teaches a real estate case studies course every summer. He is a member of the UF Foundation and is on the UF Real Estate Advisory Board and the Multifamily Board of Trustees for the National Association of Home Builders. For more information on the program, please visit their website at UF Warrington College Master of Science in Real Estate.

Nathan S. Collier Sponsors “Share the Road” Event


GAINESVILLE, Fla. ­­— The Collier Companies founder and chairman, Nathan S. Collier, has announced his sponsorship of Share the Road’s Annual Celebration of Cycling event in Florida.

The 4th Annual Celebration of Cycling event is a daylong series of speakers and panel discussions on cycle tourism in Florida. This summit will show how Florida can improve cycle tourism and what communities can do to create a safer atmosphere for cyclists. Presenters include Jim Sayer, Executive Director of Adventure Cycling, Sara Petyk, Owner of Bike the GAP, and Joy Hancock, Ride Director of Bike Florida. The University of Florida’s Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management will also be presenting their research on bicycle tourism. The event will be followed by a memorial ride to Gainesville’s Depot Park for the dedication of The Share the Road Memorial. Mr. Collier will be sponsoring this event on the Commuter level. For more information on this event, visit their website at

Share the Road is a campaign to improve cycling in the state of Florida. It exists to increase advocacy and awareness of bike related issues, teach bike safety and education, and improve bike tourism and demonstrate the economic impact of cycling. It is funded by sales of the Share the Road license plates.

Nathan S. Collier Sponsored 9 Costa Rica Students


Nathan S. Collier Sponsored 9 Costa Rica Students

Nathan S. Collier in conjunction with the Warrington College of Business Administration and the Nathan S. Collier Masters of Real Estate Program at the University of Florida sponsored 9 Costa Rica students from the Business Administration Group at the University Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica during the week of February 21st to the 27th. The purpose of the cultural exchange was to offer the students a cross-disciplined introduction to the many facets of business and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Particia Lopez Estrada, a UF graduate herself, wanted to immerse the students in educational opportunities that enhanced their command of the English language and expose the students to the many possibilities available to them upon graduation. The week included two classes taught by Nathan S. Collier – Real Estate Terms 101 and Cultural Emersion, as well as a tour of local student housing and commercial real estate development projects.  The week began with a discussion on US legal systems conducted by Dean Laura Rosenbury of the UF Law School. Associate Dean and Director of the Heavener School of Business Brian Ray and Jon Cannon the Executive Director of Development and Alumni Affairs for the Warrington College of Business lead the students on a tour and discussion of the business school and its many programs. The students were also given the opportunity to meet with three business students to compare and contrast the educational system at UF verses their institution in Costa Rica.

The week continued with an overview of the history and expansion of the Butler Plaza, which will include an additional 725,000 square feet of destination and convenience shopping; a tour of the Alachua County Courthouse by local Judge Thomas Jaworski; an inspiring overview and excursion through the Florida Innovation Hub and UF’s Office of Technology Licensing by Jane Muir the Director. An additional highlight of the visit was a tour by Doug Brown, Deputy Executive Director and Kyle Rogers, Assistant Director of the Gator Boosters of UF athletic facilities including the O’Dome, The Swamp, Perry Field and the football and basketball practice facilities. Doug and Kyle we able to show business and sports management can be an exciting career opportunity for the right the student. Professor Eric Wild taught a class on Human Resource Management and the week ended with a presentation by Ed Jimenez the CEO of Shands Hospital. Ed introduced the students to the business of health and hospital management. The Vice President of Facilities, Brad Pollitt gave the students an overview of business and mechanics of  hospital real estate. The students were able to take a tour of Shands, including the Congenital Heart Intensive Care Unit and an offsite freestanding emergency department.

Mr. Collier would like to give a sincere thank you to all those that helped to make the week an incredible success:

Laura Rosenbury, Dean, UF Law School

Lyrissa Lidsky, Associate Dean for International Programs, UF Law School

Nathaly Rugel, Assistant for International Programs, UF Law Schools

Brian Ray, Associate Dean & Director of Heavener School of Business, UF Warrington College of Business

Jon Cannon, Executive Director of Development and Alumni Affairs, UF Warrington College of Business

Deborah Butler and her staff, Butler Enterprises

Judge Jaworski, Judge, Alachua County Court

Jan Muir, Director, UF Innovation Hub – Office of Technology Licensing

Doug Brown, Executive Director, Gator Boosters, Inc.

Kyle Rogers, Assistant Director, Gator Boosters, Inc.

Sadie Darnell, Sherriff, Alachua County Sheriff’s Office

Eric Wild, Adjunct UF Professor, President Alligator Realty

Ed Jimenez, CEO UF Health Shands Hospital

Claire Goodwin, Administrative Fellow, UF Health Shands Hospital

Brad Pollitt, Vice President of Facilities, Shands Hospital

James Alsbrook, Development Associate, The Collier Companies

Angela Tharpe, Executive Vice President, Office of the Chair, The Collier Companies

Jessica Haupt, Executive Assistant, Office of the Chair, The Collier Companies


Costa Rica Student Reflections from week:

“I am really grateful for all this week you prepared for us. It meant a lot. It opened my eyes and made me realize that business management can be combine with basically everything. I will always keep in mind your kindness and your strong will to do things in the best possible way.”

“I am thankful for letting me understand a business that does not really have a huge role in my country (real state), for teaching me that life does not really have any meaning because people create their own and because I will never forget that no matter where and how you start, if you work really hard and keep chasing after your dreams and goals, you will make it. Thank you very much for this amazing experience.”

“I am extremely grateful with you and your family for your time, generosity, and kindness. You put together the perfect itinerary for us.  All the activities were organized according to our likes and needs. You told us in the Cultural Immersion activity that we have to find what is meaningful in our lives and look for our passion. I am going to apply those aspects in my live. Your experience as a successful businessman is an inspiration for me to never give up. We could not have done any of this without your help. I am going to be grateful forever.”

“And from now on, when finding my passion there will always be in my mind that the best we can be, we must be. This experience has definitely marked my way towards building my future. I sincerely thank you for the opportunity of letting us be your guests.”

“I am thankful because without your help and everything you and your staff have done for us this would not have been possible at all. I learned that corporate culture has to be built day by day with actions not just words. I take with me the fact that here in Gainesville you use money wisely and when you use it to develop projects, you see it as an investment not as a cost for you or your company.”

“To start, I am very very thankful that you allowed us to stay in one of your houses. I know that is something that not everyone would do for a completely unknown group of people and it is something I am really grateful for. Also for making a space for us in your agenda for a whole week, allowing us to meet most of your workforce, and giving us the opportunity to take one of the classes with them, which was pretty interesting in fact. It really amazed me and made me see why you are one of the biggest real estate developers in the country, and it is your attitude with your employees. I completely liked it and I think that is how someone that wants to be seen as a leader should do: empower their employees, make them feel part of the business, and that is something that I am taking with me. I also want to have my own business and I have always thought that is the way a person should treat their employees to reach every goal that the company sets. Summarizing, thank you for absolutely everything you have done in this trip, especially for the class with Eric Wild, he really made me realize that it does not matter anything else when it comes to your dream job, if you want it you do whatever it takes to get there. Thank you so much.”

“Mr. Collier I would like to thank you for everything. It has been amazing. Thanks for all the logistic and the different opportunities that you gave us. For me, it has been a new experience, especially in terms of business. I have learned things that I could not learn in my country because they do not happen there. I will always take with me the Collier’s Manifesto especially this part “We believe that the best we can be, we must be.” If we want to have the best gifts in our life, we MUST do the best that we can. Again thanks for giving us some of your knowledge!”

“First of all I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH.  This experience would not have been possible without your help. This experience was awesome because I learned about businesses in other country with a lot of different regulations. Something that caught my attention was that you say “we need to have a balance in life and do what really we like”. That phrase I am going to apply in my life. You, your family, and your company are amazing. This field trip changed my point of view if my life. You opened my mind and I am very thankful for that. Also I like “the best we can be, we must be” that is amazing and I think all the people need to apply it in their lives.“

“Dear Mr. Collier I am really grateful to you for allowed me to know you, your family, and your companies, also for sharing with me your knowledge. These days I was in your house, I learned a lot about real estate and the University of Florida, which is an amazing university. That things are going to help me to grow personal and professionally. But what I really learned about you is that with attitude and hard work I can make possible the impossible. For all this, I just want to say you thank you very much! Blessings for you and your family.”

“I am very thankful for the opportunity as a future professional but also as a person. It has been an extremely great experience. Thank you very much for all the hospitality and extremely good attention that you have given us. It has means a lot for me, especially because this is my very first time in US and it would not be possible for me without the help of people like you. I will always remember that. I have learned a lot of rewarding lessons that have impacted my life. Your teachings about how to deal with business and be successful has opened my eyes into a bigger perspective. Now, I have all this great information and pictures in my mind of to do things in the correct way. I really admire you for all the passion and excellence you have showed in everything you do. I will carry all this in my heart forever. I hope I can become a more successful person in life through experiences like this that are really priceless. Thank you very much Mr. Collier!”