Nathan S. Collier teaching a class at Collier College.


Collier College is a program designed by Nathan S. Collier to encourage and promote continuous learning opportunities for Team Members (“TMs”) of The Collier Companies. Each class is personally taught by Nathan S. Collier or a Senior Team Member and will allow each TM the opportunity to learn from Mr. Collier and gain valuable knowledge on how to change their lives and improve their professional skills.

The spring semester starts in January and runs until March. The course is designed to give each TM a balanced curriculum that focuses on the development of personal growth strategies and an overview of real estate transactions through case studies from The Collier Companies’ portfolio. TMs will be given tools that they can use professionally and personally to envision and map out the future they wish to create for themselves. TMs will be given the opportunity to network across properties and departments through participation in group projects and break out activities. The course content is fluid and adjusted on a weekly basis to offer TMs real-time examples and material.


Whether your primary responsibilities revolve around service/maintenance, the community, IT, finance, acquisitions, asset management, human resources, accounting, facilities or marketing – you will benefit by enrolling in Collier College. Collier College is not only a tool for personal growth but participation and successful completion is a prerequisite to many advancement opportunities within The Collier Companies. TMs who wish to participate but can not commit to the full semester are encouraged to register. Any classes attended during this semester will be carried over into other semesters until the TM completes the entire curriculum.


Recognition for future promotion opportunities within the company; Improved leadership and analytical skills; Light dinner/refreshments will be served; Jump start your forgotten aspirations, dreams, life and career goals.


Magna Cum Laude: Attend ALL eleven (11) classes and pass the final exam/presentation.
Cum Laude: Attend a minimum of ten (10) classes and pass the final exam/presentation.


  • Eleven Tuesdays
  • Mandatory participation in two introductory classes taught by Nathan S. Collier
  • Be present, ready and open to participate in an active learning environment
  • Complete final test/presentation

Self made man.


Bobbie Carlyle's sculpture of the Self-Made Man depicts a man chiseling himself out of stone. In much the same way, each of us is empowered with the ability to transform ourselves, build our character, and carve out our own future. This has been the business model for Nathan S. Collier, founder and chairman of The Collier Companies, who built the company from the ground up. It is when we desire to grow personally and persevere in times of struggle that we can reach our personal best. The Collier Companies recognizes this and places emphasis in the power of passion, persistence, and personal initiative.

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