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TCC prepares to hosts the 10th Annual Conference of Champions

Published: Monday February 10, 2020

This upcoming week will see The Collier Companies host its 10th Annual Conference of Champions in Gainesville, Florida.  The much-anticipated Conference of Champions will be held at the UF Hilton, as the organization prepares to host over 60 team members at this year’s conference.

The Collier Companies (TCC) Team will enjoy two days of learning, engagement and company culture alongside fellow team members.  The Conference of Champions (COC) is a highly anticipated, annual event, that provides transparency, communication, and opportunities for open forums while making it fun for all.

This year, day 1 of the Conference will see this year’s guest speaker, Debbie Phillips, Ph.D., CPM, provide insight on the cornerstones of success in the real estate industry and beyond.  Phillips boasts 30 years in the multifamily housing industry and has a mission to assist in developing top tier talent that adds values to an organization through increased employee engagement. Day 2 will focus on TCC-specific culture, initiatives and more, presented by members of the organizations’ Executive Team.  Presentations on this day include a transparent TCC State of the Union, which provides deeper insight into the plans of the largest privately-owned provider of student housing.  “TCC strives to be as open a company as possible”, explains Founder/Chairman, Nathan S. Collier, when asked about the transparency, Involvement breeds commitment.”

Along with Executive Team members, Community Managers and Service Managers from across the TCC organization will be in attendance.  The Conference of Champions offers an opportunity for not simply team-bonding, but growth as team members which translates to a better experience for our customers.

“I always enjoy taking questions, interacting with TMs, listening, especially out of town team members that I don’t get to spend as much time with as I’d like”, explains Collier when discussing the COC. “TCC is an INCREDIBLE Team; it’s vital we gather together, share our learning, grow together, bond”

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