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The Collier Companies Team heads to Harvard!

Published: Thursday March 5, 2020

Members of The Collier Companies’ team are preparing to head back to school as they take on a learning opportunity at one of the most elite Ivy Leagues in the nation.

Sixteen team members (TMs) from The Collier Companies (TCC), will head to Boston this Summer to attend the renowned Harvard Negotiation Institute (HNI) held at Harvard Law School.  These 5-day courses focus on the topics of negotiation and mediation, mediating complex issues and a range of objectives that students will tackle head-on.


The largest private provider of student housing in the nation with over 500 team members, investing in team members’ growth is a major focus for the organizations’ Founder/Chairman, Nathan S. Collier. The sixteen TCC team members traveling to Harvard include Vice-Presidents, Regional Community Managers, and Directors within the organization.


“I believe in TCC TMs and I get up every morning with the goal of going to bed a bit better person, leaving the world a bit better place for all.  TMs & Residents are TCC’s most important Stakeholders, and like Husband/Wife, if not both are not winning, then both are losing.  My Dad raised me with Main Street America Values & believing in Stewardship & Service, and I know no other way to be. Every time I look at the Team Member Wall (located at our Home Office displaying team members’ photos), I get a catch in my throat & a DEEP, feel an overwhelming wave of appreciation & gratitude”, explains Collier.  “Because the best we can be, we must be & it is my job to provide the tools that empower TMs to partnership with TCC in personal (much training is EQ related w 24/7 application) & professional growth.”


This is not the Collier Companies’ first visit to the HNI, as numerous team members have attended in the past.   Having cultivated a culture of lifelong learning in its 47-year history, TCC continues to provide opportunities for growth, not only regarding their portfolio but for the members of their organization.


“[I’m hoping to bring back to TCC] the EQ aspect of negotiating and how to apply it in our teams’ everyday goal – to provide excellent customer service regardless of the situation.”, explains Vice-President of Operations, Ralph Sabio. “I’m honored to have been offered this opportunity. TCC continues to invest in its team members and it’s a rare opportunity most other organizations don’t necessarily offer and thus, what differentiates TCC from other companies – you’re a name and not just a number.”


Founder, Collier, plans to make this opportunity a regular occurrence at the company with the desire to pour into team members and remind them that, “TCC offers a career, not just a job.”



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