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Madison Pointe celebrates Residents’ 84th Birthday with Social Distancing

Published: Wednesday October 28, 2020

Birthdays primarily call for celebration with those you love, whether that includes a group of 10, 50, or just 1.  As many around the world practice social distancing, birthday celebrations have become quite diverse and families have become quite innovative in their planning.


That was the case regarding residents at Madison Pointe Apartments in Gainesville, Florida.


Connie Stewart, a beloved 3-year resident of Madison Pointe Apartments, embarked on a monumental birthday on May 5th as she celebrated her 84th birthday. Unfortunately, with social-distancing guidelines in effect, Connie was unable to be in a flurry of balloons and loved ones as one may wish for such a special day.


Knowing this, her family had a plan.


After making numerous calls around town, Connie’s family had planned a birthday celebration like no other. Along with the Gainesville Police Department and happy residents who came out to celebrate, the community’s management team was elated to be involved. As the Collier Companies’ motto states, “Proudly making your home, the heart of our business”, and the Madison Pointe team was honored to live up to it.


Connie has been quarantined for at least two months. Madison Pointe, her family, and GPD wanted to show her some appreciation,” explained Assistant Community Manager, Elizabeth (Liz) Russell, “The birthday surprise went exceptionally well, according to Connie!”


Well-wishers honked their car horns, called out birthday salutations to the happiness of the woman of the hour.  With the birthday party guests in tow, a parade of cars wishing Connie well and neighbors lining the streets, this will surely be a birthday that will not be forgotten!



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