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The Collier Companies Sponsors Team Member to Attend Intentional Leadership® Development Program in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Published: Tuesday October 11, 2022

GAINESVILLE– The Collier Companies sponsored Regional Community Manager, Bernie Adams, to attend a transformative 3-day program at the UNC Keenan-Flagler Business School, orchestrated by the Center for Intentional Leadership.

This development experience, unlike a traditional conference or training, was extremely personal, involving a deep dive into participants’ internal dialogue, beliefs around their professional and personal life, and influence in the growth and direction of their organization. Phones and cameras were prohibited, so attendees were able to be completely present in order to create new opportunities and align themselves with extraordinary outcomes.

“I am hopeful my words can describe this experience as it was life changing. I know these steps will be a paradigm shift for me, both personally and professionally. In keeping true to the program, a better, more present me will benefit my Team Members,” stated attendee Bernie Adams.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) was a prominent theme, as participants like Bernie were guided to tackle challenges by letting go and finding inner peace. The training was heavily centered around opening up to oneself–how truly being present affects so many things in our lives, including being more secure with yourself and others, which allows for fuller relationships and an authentic experience at work. Bernie reflected on how EQ awareness allows him to analyze how he processes things on a day-to-day basis. In the property management industry, the “whirlwind” of unexpected, uncontrollable factors can knock him off course and keep him from being productive. “This program helped me recognize the whirlwind, and, through self-awareness, bring myself a little more ‘upstream,’” Bernie reported.

Self-concept became a supporting theme in the experience, as Bernie was guided to write his own “Declaration of Independence,” acknowledging what aspects of himself he was committed to improving. Creating his own declaration prompted Bernie to evaluate whether he was living life simply as “dust in the wind,” or whether he was living and working in alignment with his purpose.

“Creating your own script and living it out daily requires a lot of discipline. Once you have a system or script in place, you must develop habits to maintain the course,” Bernie says. Humans have their own internal messaging, conditioning, and concrete concepts that affect their “Default Operating System (DOS).” Being intentional allows us to examine our DOS and filter the “why” behind processing things the way we do– what messages did you learn growing up? How does this processing/thinking affect the ideas you believe about yourself? How can you alter your DOS to embody the most ideal version of yourself?

An effective leader must be capable of leading themselves, therefore, self-awareness, intentional action, and a strong self-concept are the ingredients for success. “I am so grateful and even emotional about my time spent last week at the Intentional Leadership training in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. There was so much to take-away from this experience. Being self-aware will be an ongoing, ever-improving process for me,” stated Bernie.

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