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The Collier Companies Sponsors Team Member, Sharifa Lawson, to Attend Entrata Summit in Park City, Utah

Published: Tuesday October 18, 2022

GAINESVILLE– The Collier Companies sponsored Director of Marketing, Sharifa Lawson to attend the 2022 Entrata Summit, a 4-day conference at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah.

Joining Entrata CEO, Adam Edmunds and an impressive roster of keynote speakers, Sharifa and other attendees were immersed in the world of innovative property management software. The Major topics of discussion at the conference included Purposefully Choosing Smart Living, What’s Next in Multifamily Marketing?, Multifamily Industry Updates & Trends, and The Power of Automation.

Along with ample opportunity to gain insight from Entrata’s new leadership team and the industry’s best and brightest, Sharifa was able to gain motivation from inspirational celebrities like musical artists, Jade Simmons, Andrew McMahon, and Common; actress, Crissy Metz; and visual artist, Phil Hansen. It’s no wonder Entrata has been named one of the most forward-thinking companies of its time. The conference guests were surrounded by spectacular mountainous views and engaged in networking luncheons and dinner sessions. It is said Entrata really knows how to throw a conference and while Sharifa did not attend many extracurriculars, she agrees, “They once again pushed the limits with a Casino Night and Stay &Play Day featuring activities like an alpine slide, extreme tubing, a ropes course, zip lining and more.

Throughout the event, guests were encouraged to experience “User Testing”, an opportunity to interact with beta products and provide feedback about their user experience including the ways they felt Entrata’s products could be improved, welcoming the personal perspective as the research and development that fuels Entrata’s UX enhancements. Additionally, Entrata’s “User Lab” was also available to participants– these resourceful and personalized one-on-one sessions provided clients with answers to software questions in which software consultants were available for settings advice and in-depth troubleshooting.

“I believe Entrata is one of the most innovative software companies of its time. While built and run by people who do not come from the housing industry, they are brilliant in allowing housing experts to be involved in their process through partnership with those of us who utilize the product most. They reflect a direct implementation of constant and never-ending improvements. Besides the encouragement to continue speaking up for efficiency and doing what I love, my biggest takeaway would have to be the added knowledge of the functionality of Contact Points, an Entrata feature that allows personalized automated messaging at various points in a prospect/resident’s journey without manual clicking. This means the software can lift the load it was created to lift. A step up from its sister feature, Message Center, I believe Contact Points will allow team members to have the time, energy, and availability to forge our company’s mission of making our residents’ homes the heart of our business.” stated Sharifa.

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