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Cheryl Carroll, TCC RCM Virtually Attends Gestalt Leadership Training Program

Published: Monday November 7, 2022

The Collier Companies’ Regional Community Manager, Cheryl Carroll, joined professionals at the Gestalt Leadership Training this past weekend!
Cheryl spent the weekend exploring how to engage with and grow her personal power throughout her journey in leadership at TCC. Through a virtual experience, Cheryl and her peers learned to create a deeper, more embodied awareness of themselves and how they navigate the various contexts in their lives. By increasing awareness, this creates the possibility for engaging in more satisfying and meaningful ways of being and connecting.

“After attending the Gestalt Leadership Training workshop, I feel I have a better understanding of being present in the moment by using grounding techniques. I can experiment with the elements of embodied presence, which utilizes breathing techniques, body posture, and movements,” Cheryl stated.

The format of the workshop was unique and engaging and proved that everyone has something distinctive to offer when it comes to leadership development. “This particular workshop does not present a specific curriculum, rather they use an organic and holistic approach to integrate a mixture of people with many different backgrounds, and through a process of dialogue and interactive processes, we were able to learn about one another and work on specific areas that each of us felt needed improvement to be better leaders,” she reported. Throughout this weekend of both personal self-reflection and learning through the experiences of other participants, Cheryl discovered that leadership is more of a process of growth rather than a skill.

“There were so many takeaways, however, the biggest that stands out for me is the importance of being in the moment and capturing my surroundings to better handle situations that may arise at any given moment. Our industry, in general, is extremely fast-paced, so being able to slow down and concentrate on breathing techniques and self-awareness to better control my environment or current situation will certainly provide the tools I need to be a better leader moving forward.”

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