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Cheryl Carroll, TCC RCM Attends the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School for Executive Development

Published: Tuesday December 6, 2022

Cheryl Carroll recently attended UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School in Chapel Hill, NC and successfully completed the Talent Management Institute workshop. This program presents a scientifically proven approach to increase a company’s ability to develop better leaders much faster by eliminating complexity and adding value.

Cheryl spent 4 days working alongside a group of 42 other attendees from across the world representing major companies such as Nike, Chevron, GE, and Johnson & Johnson just to name a few.

The workshop was led by Marc Effron, President of Talent Strategy Group, a Fortune 500 talent consulting firm, and his partner Jim Shanley.
Cheryl and the attendees split into teams of 7-8 as they progressed through the material and typically presented to the entire group as they collectively worked through their results from each assignment. Throughout the workshop, they dissected the talent philosophy, productivity line, development plans, 360 reviews, and 9 block.

“What I appreciated about the class is that our teams changed each day, so we were able to work with the entire group by the end of the workshop. This also allowed us to work with those from varying-sized companies from small to large enterprise companies with global representation. What I thought was amazing is that given the size of our company, we are already conducting the reviews such as the 360 review and 9 block. One of my takeaways is that through this process it is truly important to have a transparent path for the team member to allow for continued growth. Knowing our company talent philosophy is the first step and through assessing performance, behaviors, accountability, differentiation, and transparency, this will allow leadership to provide and to accelerate a culture change within the company. As we scale and double in size within the 10-year goal, I look forward to assisting in the action plan to allow for our team members to grow and be successful in their career path,” reported Cheryl.

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