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The Collier Companies Hosts Comprehensive CAMT Certification Exam for Apartment Maintenance Professionals

Published: Friday January 13, 2023

GAINESVILLE- The Collier Companies, a leading provider of apartment communities in North Central Florida, will be hosting the Certificate for Apartment Maintenance Technicians (CAMT) exam at its home office on Friday, January 13, 2023, from 12-4 pm. This exam, which is administered by the National Apartment Association (NAA), is a comprehensive test that assesses the knowledge and skills of apartment maintenance technicians.

Six members of the North Central Florida Apartment Association (NCFAA) will be taking the CAMT exam at the Collier Companies’ home office. With its core value of constant and never-ending improvement, The Collier Companies is pleased to play a role in enhancing professional development at all apartment communities in North Central Florida, and hosting this event is just one way the organization is supporting the industry.

According to Crystal Miner, Culture Performance Leader of the Collier Companies, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to host the CAMT exam for the NCFAA members. This is a great opportunity for these maintenance professionals to gain valuable knowledge and skills, and to demonstrate their commitment to the industry. By hosting this event, we are also helping to promote the career growth of maintenance technicians throughout North Central Florida. Our investment in the education and professional growth of our own Team Members is a key factor in our ongoing success, so we’re proud to expand our ideals to other NCFAA members.”

The NCFAA is excited to have the support of the Collier Companies, who have been a valuable asset to the local apartment industry and are helping to raise the bar for apartment maintenance technicians throughout the region.

The CAMT exam is a rigorous and comprehensive test that covers a wide range of subjects related to apartment maintenance, including HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical systems, and much more. The exam is designed to ensure that maintenance technicians have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently.

To receive the CAMT credential, certificate candidates must complete the following within 12 months of declaring candidacy for CAMT: one year of apartment or rental housing maintenance experience and six courses and online content in soft skill and technical skill modules, totaling 80 hours.

“We know that providing top-quality living spaces for residents is instrumental, and this commitment to residents should extend to the training and development of maintenance professionals working in the homes at the apartment communities,” said Miner.

We wish the participants in the exam all the best of luck as they work to earn their CAMT certification.

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