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Nathan S. Collier Contributes $10k to Florida Apartment Association PAC

Published: Wednesday February 8, 2023

The Florida Apartment Association (FAA) is proud to announce that Nathan S. Collier, a prominent member of the Florida apartment industry, demonstrated his unwavering commitment to supporting legislation that improves housing conditions for owners and residents by donating $10,000 to the FAA’s political action committee (APAC).

In 2022, FAA was able to successfully oppose numerous bills that would have had a negative impact on the industry, including proposals for eviction expungement, overregulation of housing providers, and changes to rent deposit requirements.

Nathan’s continued support is vital to FAA’s efforts to protect the Florida apartment industry. His generous donation combined with the donations of others will enable the organization to continue its work in 2023 and beyond, defending the interests of housing providers and residents across the state.

FAA is dedicated to advocating for policies that promote the growth and success of the apartment industry in Florida, and the support of individuals like Nathan is essential to achieving this goal. The organization is committed to ensuring that the industry remains a vital part of the state’s economy and provides safe and affordable housing options for residents.

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