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The Collier Companies Protects ‘Beloved’ Historic Tree During Construction of Atlantic One Luxury Apartments

Published: Friday February 17, 2023

Pompano Beach, FL – The Collier Companies has successfully relocated a ‘beloved’ historic tree from the construction site of its new luxury apartment development, Atlantic One, in Pompano Beach, FL.

The tree, which is of significant cultural and historical importance to the neighborhood, was preserved by The Collier Companies’ team as part of a much anticipated and long-awaited plan associated with the approval of the project. The Collier Companies achieved one of the fundamental milestone operations associated with its commitment to the City of Pompano Beach and neighborhood community. Director of Design and Development, Steve Eccher, led the effort of the successful relocation of the tree to its protected and intended permanent placement integrated into a leading corner park of the Atlantic One development, where it will continue to thrive and serve as a symbol of the community’s heritage.

”To date, numerous tasks have been completed with this project, including relocating the historic McNab House and several mature trees to a permanent location of public enjoyment a few blocks away,” reported Eccher. “We’ve also relocated this massive live Oak to the adjacent parcel. This was a huge endeavor that required nearly a year of planning and preparation. By placing the beloved Oak in its new location, we’ve made it a major focal point of the apartment and larger neighborhood community, bridging together the existing elements with the new.”

The move of the historic tree is just one example of The Collier Companies’ commitment to preserving the natural beauty and character of the communities where it develops. Atlantic One, with its vibrant location and luxurious amenities, is expected to be a valuable addition to the Pompano Beach community.

“We take our responsibility to the environment and our community seriously,” said Eccher. “Preserving this historic tree is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and respect for local history. We are thrilled that the beloved tree will continue to be a part of this wonderful neighborhood in perpetuity.”

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