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The Collier Companies’ $92,587 Matching Funds Gift Enriches The Hippodrome Theater

Published: Thursday October 12, 2023

Gainesville, FL – In a remarkable display of philanthropy and support for the arts, the Hippodrome Theater has recently received a significant boost in the form of match funding from The Collier Companies. Over the past few years, their contributions have made a profound impact on the theater’s mission and growth.

Since the inception of the Hippodrome’s Collier Challenge in 2019, The Collier Companies, under the visionary leadership of Nathan Collier, have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the arts. In total, they have donated an impressive $204,390.50, dedicated to matching individual donations received through the campaign. This generous gesture has significantly enhanced the Hippodrome’s ability to continue delivering outstanding theatrical experiences to the community.

In the present year alone, the Collier Companies have contributed an additional $92,587 to the Hippodrome. This ongoing financial support is instrumental in ensuring that the theater can continue its mission of enriching the Gainesville community with captivating performances and cultural experiences.

The partnership between Nathan Collier and the Hippodrome began in 2019 when he initiated the 10-Year Collier Challenge. This innovative approach encouraged others to support the theater by pledging to donate for a decade. In return, Nathan Collier pledged to match the donations of individuals who joined the challenge. The promise was simple but powerful: every dollar donated by a supporter who joined the Collier Challenge would be matched, effectively doubling the impact of their contributions.

This unique challenge not only invigorated the theater’s fundraising efforts but also created a strong sense of community involvement. It inspired individuals to commit to long-term support, ensuring the theater’s sustainability and growth over the years to come.

Nathan Collier’s commitment to match dollar-for-dollar all donations from supporters who participate in the Collier Challenge is a testament to his dedication to the arts and his belief in the importance of the Hippodrome Theater in the Gainesville community. His generosity has not only helped the theater to secure its financial future but has also fostered a sense of partnership and shared responsibility among the theater’s supporters.

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