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Angela Tharpe Named 2024 Fierce Award Winner

Published: Tuesday June 11, 2024

Gainesville, FL – June 10th, 2024 The Collier Companies is ecstatic to recognize our very own, Angela Tharpe, as a 2024 Fierce Award Winner. The Fierce Awards, a prestigious recognition celebrating women who make significant impacts in the Greater Gainesville community. Over the past decade, the Fierce Awards have honored a select 125 remarkable women, each exemplifying the spirit of strength, leadership, and community support.
The Fierce Awards are about more than just individual accolades; they celebrate women who build each other up and collectively work to change their communities for the better. These are the game-changing women who are the first to celebrate one another’s successes and the first to lend a hand when someone is in need. They are the difference makers. When the award was created in 2015, it was created to celebrate women who are natural leaders, who change world, and are motivated to help others succeed because, together, we achieve more. They are women who truly make an impact.
Angela Tharpe, Chief of Staff: Office of the Chair, President of Paradigm Group, and Director of the Collier Family Office, embodies the essence of what it means to be FIERCE. Representing The Collier Companies with pride and loyalty, Angela encourages others to rise to the occasion, showing up and making a difference. She inspires those around her to bring their best selves to work, their families, their communities, and their peers. Angela juggles her many hats at The Collier Companies with grace, demonstrating exceptional leadership and dedication.
“A FIERCE woman is fueled by compassion and inspiration. They are difference makers. A FIERCE woman does not give up; they have the grit to keep leading through what may feel impossible, while navigating and overcoming adversity, yet they continue to keep going, keep showing up, never letting fear keep them from making an impact. They are the driving force behind change. Their fierceness helps push us to be the best version of ourselves; their light ignites to help blaze amazing trails.”
Angela and other outstanding members of this year’s Fierce Honor Class will be featured in the upcoming HOME: Monthly Guide to Greater Gainesville magazine.
Learn more about The Fierce Awards, Winners, and Nominees by visiting

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