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Published: Friday December 8, 2023

Greg has been an integral part of our ambitious 2X initiative, contributing significantly to our goal of doubling in size this decade. His exceptional project management skills have been evident in the successful completion of projects such as Stafford, Cordova, Sorrento, and Hawks Mill. Through his leadership, we have seen remarkable progress in our development endeavors. Gregs ability to navigate the complexities of site development has been a key factor in our success. His collaborative approach, closely coordinating with all parties involved, has consistently produced well-conceived site designs. This commitment to excellence has not only elevated our projects but also minimized potential conflicts, positively impacting project costs and timelines. As Vice President of Development, Greg plays a pivotal role in continuing to enhance and refine our development process. His focus on providing detailed design insights will contribute to increased construction accuracy, directly aligning with the goal of our 2X initiative.

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